In situ cosmogenic 10Be–14C–26Al measurements from recently deglaciated bedrock as a new tool to decipher changes in Greenland Ice Sheet size

Young, N.E.
Lesnek, A. J.
Cuzzone, J. K.
Briner, J. P.
Badgeley, J. A.
Balter-Kennedy, A.
Graham, B. L.
Cluett, A.
Lamp, J. L.
Schwartz, R.
Tuna, T.
Bard, E.
Caffee, M. W.
Zimmerman, S. R. H.
Schaefer, J. M.


Summary figure

Deglaciation of the Greenland and Laurentide ice sheets interrupted by glacier advance during abrupt coolings

Nicolás E. Young
Jason P. Briner
Gifford H. Miller
Alia J. Lesnek
Sarah E. Crump
Elizabeth K. Thomas
Simon L. Pendleton
Joshua Cuzzone
Jennifer Lamp
Susan Zimmerman
Marc Caffee
Joerg M. Schaefer


Summary figure

Greenland was nearly ice-free for extended periods during the Pleistocene

Schaefer, Joerg M.
Finkel, Robert C.
Balco, Greg
Alley, Richard B.
Caffee, Marc W.
Briner, Jason P.
Young, Nicolás E.
Gow, Anthony J.
Schwartz, Roseanne

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